The Bridal Suite Boston
With over 10 years of industry experience Claudia has successfully practiced as a manicurist and makeup artist for a diverse range of clients and projects, from fashion shows to Hollywood films and most importantly weddings; having recently worked as personal manicurist to Anne Hathaway on the movie Bride Wars and Brooke Shields on a film still in production.

From the experience of the different expressions of makeup artistry and her history as a manicurist her passion for wedding makeup was born. Her approach to brides is making sure to hear their request and give professional suggestions to arrive at the perfect look. She brings efficiency and peacefulness on the wedding day and her brides feel confident that the process will go smoothly and beautifully.

Further more, she has built relationships with some of Boston's best beauty and wedding talent and is a reliable source of information for brides, which is how The Bridal Suite was born.