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Parents stay in the loop, provide encouragement with online dashboard

StraightAce comes with StraightAce Link, an online dashboard that provides updates on your child's progress through a private, password-protected account. StraightAce Link allows you to follow and applaud your child's efforts, providing powerful support and encouragement. All course content can be seen online, including full explanations for each question.


Because StraightAce Link lets you see how many topics your child has completed, you won't be left to wonder how much work has been done, or be forced to play interrogator. StraightAce Link also allows two-way communication with your child, such as for discussing specific math problems, even when you are physically apart.

why StraightAce

Foster study habits now for long-term success

Academic success in high school, college and beyond requires that your middle-schooler take personal responsibility for learning, starting now. Research shows that students who fail to acquire foundational math skills during middle school are less likely to complete their education and more likely to face challenges later in finding employment.


StraightAce goes beyond teaching math concepts, fostering broader study habits that will bring lifelong rewards.

Here's what real parents are saying about StraightAce:

"I noticed that Matthew was actually getting it. He'll see the concept that this teacher in this particular school wasn't able to get across!"

— Patricia, parent of Matthew, 7th grade

"Richard hates math. But when he was using StraightAce, he was getting more involved, and as I was watching him... he's taking more interest."

— George, parent of Richard, 7th grade


Get started today.

Middle school is tough enough without math struggles, too. Why wait another day to help your child improve in math and to gain greater confidence in school?


Getting started with StraightAce is quick and easy. Just choose a subscription plan below to begin the registration process, then download the mobile app by following the information provided. Your subscription to StraightAce comes with a seven-day, money-back guarantee, and activation is accomplished by simply entering an email address and creating a login password.


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"I read the explanations that showed how to solve each math problem, so then the second time around I knew I could do it."

- 13 years old, 7th grade

"Matthew was actually getting it. He will now be able to understand concepts that a teacher at school hasn't been able to get across to my son!"

- Parent of 7th grade